Tekamo Power: Warehouse Lighting

Storing products in a massive warehouse is more than just the accumulation of goods. It is a means to safely collect, and later distribute for sale, those items that are the lifeblood of your business and, perhaps, other businesses that depend on your facilities to ensure items are properly shelved, inventoried, and protected. None of that is possible without proper lighting – either installation, upgrades, or maintenance. Thankfully, Tekamo Power has you covered.

Tekamo Power specializes in energy-efficient LED lighting systems to save on installation expense and overall electricity costs. Not only will our team of experts help you maximize the potential of energy rebates from local municipalities, but also help you understand placement of lights in your warehouse and their importance in storing and retrieving product quickly and safely. This results in an increase in productivity for your business and customers who may rely on your facilities for storing their items prior to sale.

ecause your top priority is safety and productivity, Tekamo Power works with your team to address deficiencies in warehouse lighting and making cost-effective improvements to last the foreseeable future. So how do you choose the best warehouse lighting? Here are some ideas to think about.

Make Wise Decisions When Selecting Warehouse Lighting

  • Cut down on glare. Warehouses are big, sometimes drafty, but often filled with areas where high-powered LED lights shine on conveyor belts, work stations, or other places employees work. This type of lighting, while efficient, is powerful enough to illuminate huge swaths of floor space and can be dangerous for anyone who may look directly into them. As a result, the risk of human error may increase, resulting in the need to reduce glare from powerful lights wherever possible. To reduce glare, we recommend using LED lights that minimize that effect, and install reflectors to diffuse the light as needed.
  • Pay attention to the Color Rendering Index (CRI) of lighting, which measures how well a light shows realistic and natural colors. It may sound odd, but the color of lights plays a key role in safety, for people and products. Certain colors of light, for instance, are more appropriate for food storage. Other color lighting make it nearly impossible to read computer screens or digital readouts. In any case, the minimum CRI you should choose is 85. Any smaller number could result in dangerous work areas and employee fatigue.
  • The size of your warehouse determines the power of the lights you choose. Most warehouses are large, with a high ceiling. Do your ceiling-mounted fixtures project light to the floor, properly illuminating storage and work areas?
  • Pair your lights with energy saving options, such as warehouse-wide timers, motion detectors, and other systems to reduce lighting costs. Tekamo Power will analyze your warehouse layout and make recommendations to help save money and improve efficiency.
  • Choose the right supplier. Because lighting is crucial to your business, we recommend working with a business partner who will educate you to make decisions best for your bottom line, not theirs.