Tekamo Power: Renovations

Like other renovations to your business or property, improving your electrical systems are critical in keeping your business running and meeting obligations to your customers, investors, and employees. The scope of the work compared to a residential renovation is significant, but the professionals at Tekamo Power can help you understand what renovations are necessary and what can be addressed in the future as a “nice to have” instead of a “must have.”

Questions We Can Help Answer

  • Does my electrical system need to be upgraded?

It is critical to mention that electrical systems, whether running or not, may need to be renovated due to updated ordinances or local building codes, especially due to the amps the panel can handle. If it is determined that a renovation is necessary, the first component we will address it the electrical panel, which distributes electricity to all light fixtures, outlets, appliances, and other electric-powered machinery.

We also will look at wiring, outlets, and other electrical components necessary to keep your facility powered as needed. This also may include meters and circuit breakers.

  • Why should we upgrade electrical panels?

An important issue with commercial renovations for electrical panels is safety. Some panels may be old and no longer capable of handing the power requirements for electricity-starved machinery and appliances. Circuit breakers may no longer be able to automatically turn off when wire running from the panel to outlets or machinery becomes overloaded; this could be at risk of fire or other failures.

At Tekamo Power, our goal is to help with any electrical upgrade necessary to keep your business running smoothly. Our knowledge and experience, and commitment to value-based services, allows our clients to achieve their goals affordably and within a specific timeframe.

Services for all Commercial Electrical Renovations

Our highly trained technicians excel at helping clients meet their deadlines while delivering outstanding workmanship at affordable prices. To assist you in meeting your goals, we provide many services necessary to assess your electrical systems and determine what needs to be renovated or replaced. These include:

  • Inspection of all service panels, to assess which panels may need to be replaced due to local codes.
  • Thermal imaging, to determine heat level in electrical components.
  • Repair and installation of security lights, pole lights, interior and exterior lighting, assistance with rebates.
  • Connection for commercial equipment, which often requires that systems be wired directly to your facility’s electrical panel, rather than wall outlets.
  • Installation of wiring for data centres, including: uninterruptible power supply units, dedicated circuits, energy management systems, and many other necessary components or systems.
  • Power-systems conditioning, to ensure your facility is receiving consistently high-quality voltage from its source provider.
  • Design of new electrical systems, to ensure you are receiving and using power efficiently.

Outstanding Service

Tekamo Power’s top priority is satisfying our clients through good working relationships and high-quality products and services. Professionalism and a strong work ethic have earned the respect and business of customers across Canada, and we look forward to being your next service provider.