Tekamo Power: Data/Communications

As more businesses – from a single-store mom and pop retail outlet to multi-national corporations – rely on “always-on” systems to stay afloat, the role of network infrastructure including cables, wires, electrical panels, routers, switches, redundant backup systems, data servers, and uninterruptible power systems, grows in importance. Tekamo Power is the ideal partner in helping to keep your systems running smoothly 24-7. Our knowledge, reliability, and commitment to customer service allow us to affordably design, install, and maintain the electrical systems and cabling for your businesses network infrastructure.

Expertise for all Your Infrastructure Requirements

  • Upgraded Cabling. We offer design, installation, and maintenance for small to large businesses throughout Canada. Our industry-certified professionals can install a wide range of cabling, including Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6e, Cat7, coaxial, fibre optics, copper, and others as required. Specific services that we offer are upgrades to existing cables and wires, fibre or copper termination, repair and testing, new cabling or wiring, and analysis and troubleshooting.
  • Cabling Removal. Achieving future goals is impossible without letting go of the past, so one of the services we offer is the removal of old cabling throughout your facilities. If your facility is old with antiquated infrastructure, the first issue to address is the removal of abandoned or no-longer functioning cable. By removing old cable, we allow our install team to work with a “clean slate” and not have to worry about troubleshooting an out-of-date system. Removing old cable also lessens the physical strain of ceilings, walls, and other areas where it may be necessary to install new cable runs that are efficient and simple to maintain.
  • Fibber Optic Solutions. Fibber optics are the backbone of modern business, offering higher data transfer speeds and more reliable internet and systems connectivity. Tekamo Power specializes in a range of services, including troubleshooting, testing and repair, installation of fibre optic patch panels, single or multi-mode termination, whole system replacement of copper wiring, and single or multiple mode fibre runs.
  • Wi-Fi installation and maintenance. Per your requirements, we will help upgrade your network infrastructure to include the latest modems, access points, and wi-fi routers, ensuring your employees, clients, and business powers have secured network access as necessary.
  • Security Solutions. As a business owner, your most valuable assets are your property, business relationships, and the safety and security of your employees or anyone onsite. Our security and surveillance experts can install facility-wide systems to meet any need or budgetary constraint. Besides installing “turn-key” systems that are up and running on day one, Tekamo Power also has the expertise to design and build custom systems to handle a range of security scenarios unique to your business. The range of security options we provide include video surveillance, intrusion defence, repair and testing, access control, and troubleshooting.

Tekamo Power is a Canadian-owned and operated business specializing in a wide range of network infrastructure cabling and related services. From turn-key to custom solutions, we are committed to providing affordable, high quality services that are creative and meet all your business needs.