Tekamo Power: Commercial

Choosing the right electrician for your commercial power needs is more than a matter of money and time. In today’s fast-paced world, commercial electrical applications continually evolve as technology improves, standards change, and installation and maintenance processes are upgraded. This means you need to carefully assess your requirements and select a company that will act as a vested partner for the foreseeable future. You are looking for knowledge, experience, and reliability.

At Tekamo Power, our first priority is to maintain industry standards and help you achieve your critical goals and schedules. Our licensed and experienced staff has the knowledge and capabilities to maintain any commercial electrical applications, all the while achieving the quality of workmanship and materials expected for your important new commercial projects or tenant improvements.

Choosing the Right Commercial Electrician or Company

If you are in the market for commercial electrical services, there are many characteristics to look for prior to making a final decision. Some of these are as follows.

  • Adherence to industry standards. At Tekamo Power, we follow all performance, safety, and energy efficiency standards for products and systems as described in the Canadian Electrical Code (CE Code). The code forms the basis for installation and maintenance standards for a variety of electrical systems and applications. All of our products and services also meet requirements of the Canadian Standards Association, too.
  • All professional commercial electricians are licensed and certified to perform work as advertised and are required by law to request a permit to perform such duties. Do not hire an electrician who is not licensed and certified.
  • Make sure the company you choose to work with is fully insured and provides proof before signing any contract. If you hire a company that is not insured, and something goes wrong – property or electrical applications are damaged, or workers are injured or killed onsite – then you are liable for damages and other expenses. An insured professional assumes these risks on your behalf.
  • Look for a company with a high rating from a local better business bureau, and one that has positive consumer reviews. Information about a commercial electrician’s work history, credit rating, and other criteria can be found online with a bit of effort, but it also is important to obtain word-of-mouth positive reviews and recommendations from people you trust.
  • Professionalism counts. During the vetting process and while talking to prospective commercial electricians, you can obtain valuable information about professionalism, attitude, and how someone’s personality and goals mesh with your own. At Tekamo Power, we pride ourselves on developing a positive relationship with clients based on respect, trust, and remembering the customer comes first.

Finally, get quotes. An important part of finding the right commercial electrician is submitting a request for quote – a document that spells out your project needs, and asks prospective vendors for an estimate of hours, cost, and materials, to complete work as required. Request quotes from multiple vendors, compare each one, then and make a decision based on factors that mean the most.